Benefits for Athletes

Participating Enduring Hope athletes will receive the following benefits:

Fully Supported Training Experience

It’s much easier to get out there and train if you know you aren’t alone. Team Enduring Hope offers the comaradire and sense of a common goal that comes from being on a team as you work to fufill your personal training goals. In addition, Team Enduring Hope’s training experience extends 5 months before the race. We are with you from the first step, stroke and pedal!

Great people.

Susan, your Athletic Coordinator

Susan will offer you tips and resources on training and virtual clinics on fitness, nutrition, gear and injury prevention. She will also work with you to develop your training program and schedule.  She will be available for any race and racing related question/concern.  Susan finished the race last year and is very familar with course layout and conditions.

Jocelyn, your Spiritual Coach/Director

Jocelyn will offer spiritual conversation as it relate to
your life and your preparations for this race via
phone, email, shared reflections, and localized faith
sharing groups.  Spiritual directors can also be
 recommended in your area.

 Your Teammates from New Orleans and all over the nation

You will offer one another encouragement and support over the course of the training experience. In addition, Team Enduring Hope will have a blog that will feature athlete profiles and reflections. Your friend and family can follow along and be inspired by your hard work!

A visit to New Orleans.

Come and enjoy the music, the food, the culture of a great American city! Travel and accomadations will be taken care of so you can enjoy the experience of N’awhlins

Fundraising support.

We can offer you tips and strategies for raising funds.  Participation in Enduring Hope is at a low $1,000 for relay athletes and $2000 for full triathletes. While this fee covers the cost for athletes, any and all monies raised beond the minimum go directly to Contemplatives in Action and its programs.


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