A Worthwhile Cause

Contemplatives in Action (CIA) offers a retreat space for people affected by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of New Orleans.  Through spiritual direction and conversation, networking and resourcing, a free place to stay, rest, and rejuvenate, CIA assists in the thoughtful recovery of this city.  Some of their programs include JustUs (a series of justice activities that advocate for the poor through fair trade coffee and safer playgrounds and neighborhoods), Project Marlo (a renovation of 4 properties in collaboration with Katrina survivor, Marlo Stevens), and Thoughtful Response Teams (a pertnership with out-of town volunteer groups who would like to experience New Orleans at the intersection of direct service and retreat experience). Your efforts will call attention to the needs of each person amidst the difficult task of rebuilding an entire city. . . Visit www.contemplativesinaction.org to learn more.


Team members commit to a modest fundraising minimum – $1,000 for each relay athlete, $2,000 for full triathletes. Reaching the fundraising minimum allows us to cover your entry fee, travel (air and ground), accommodations, most meals, and bike maintenance.


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