Register today for Team Enduring Hope 2011!

30 11 2010

After 2 success years of blogging, training, and fundraising, Team Enduring Hope will participate in the 3rd Annual 70.3 IronMan New Orleans on Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Register as part of a team or as an individual competitor and support the work and ministry of Contemplatives in Action in New Orleans!


Weekend Proof

22 04 2010

Here’s some proof!  Way to go Team Enduring Hope!

Done and Done!

19 04 2010

Our athletes are amazing!  Everyone finished!

Congratulations all:

Susan Haarman        07:23:27

Stephanie Treffert    7:57:50

Jeff Peak                     07:53:30

Relay Teams

TEAM ENDURING HOPE – GOLD         07:31:44

Swim: George Haarman      01:27:08

Bike:   MJ Supan                   03:53:20

Run:    Emily McGlynn        02:07:04


Swim: Kristen Buecker        00:43:41

Bike:   Jonathan Potter         02:47:31

Run:    Katie Maslanka        02:33:38

TEAM ENDURING HOPE – VELA          06:20:24

Swim: Theresa Vela             00:40:39, 03:25:54

Run:    Lisa Vela                   02:06:40

TEAM ENDURING HOPE – CIA              07:41:32

Swim: Caitlin Reilly                        01:04:01

Bike:   Anna Villanueva      03:53:34

Run:    D. Adrian Manriquez          02:40:07


Swim: Cassie Brownell       52:54

Bike:   Ray Carrico               3:15:03

Run:    Jessica Mueller         2:18:14


Swim: Gisele Calderon       30:37

Bike:   Bill Harris                  3:10:25

Run:    Katherine Doss         3:30:38

TEAM ENDURING HOPE — RED (times unavailable)

Swim: Jimmy Park

Bike:  Betsy Rafferty

Run:   Rose Spring

TEAM ENDURING HOPE – BLACK and GOLD (times unavailable)

Swim:  Brian Hong     —

Bike:    Matt DeBoer     3:24:37, 1:55

Volunteers Needed!

13 04 2010

We’ve got 5 more days until this race!  And we are still looking for volunteers… if you are interested, please call us at 504.891.8483.  View our listing of volunteer opportunities here: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.

Power Songs

12 04 2010

I’m a big fan of power songs. As someone who is really motivated by music, a good soundtrack is essential in my work outs. Every year I seem to find a ‘power song’ – one that really gets you going when the chips are down. Often those songs reflect the core of what the training process distilled for me. Last year, my power song was The Pretender by the Foo Fighters. It’s a song about refusing to be something you aren’t and so much of my training last year was about realizing that I would never become the things I hated and feared. This year my power song has been Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot. It’s a song that’s more intimately connected to New Orleans and the recovery, as well as recognizing what’s stronger than any Category 5 storm and government mismanagement.

So as the race is a week away, I’ll have this song on repeat as I remember that Easter reminds us that you can put Hope in a grave, but it will never stay there.

Hello Hurricane

I’ve been watching the skies
They’ve been turning blood red
There is not a doubt in my mind
There’s a storm up ahead


Hello Hurricane
You’re not enough
Hello Hurricane
You can’t silence my love
I’ve got doors and windows boarded up
All your dead end fury is not enough
You can’t silence my love

Everything I have I count as loss
Everything I have is stripped away
But before It started building
I counted up these costs
Ain’t nothing left for you to take away


Hello Hurricane
You’re not enough
Hello Hurricane
You can’t silence my love
I’ve got doors and windows boarded up
All your dead end fury is not enough
You can’t silence my love

Im a fighter fighting for control
Im a fighter fighting for my soul
Everything inside of me surrenders
You can’t silence my love
You can’t silence my love


Hello Hurricane
You’re not enough
Hello Hurricane
You can’t silence my love
I’ve got doors and windows boarded up
All your dead end fury is not enough
You can’t silence my love

I said Hello Hurricane

~~~Susan Haarman, Athletic Coordinator & Triathlete~~~

Living Wall to Wall….

30 03 2010

It’s been a beautiful series of weeks here in the East Bay area of California. The sun has been out, the temperature has been in the low 60’s. It’s made for lovely runs and bikes. I can’t say the same about my swim workouts though..

Because the weather is so nice, now half of Cal Berkeley’s campus has decided they want to enjoy the sun in the outdoor pools. So my normal workouts are clogged with 3 times the normal people, none of whom seems to understand how to swim laps in considerate ways.

One day was particularly frustrating. I’d been having a bad workout and three guys kept tearing down the length of the pool at top speed, swimming over me, knocking me around and generally making it rather impossible to get a workout in. What was particularly infuriating was the fact that the guys would tear down at top speed, knocking people out of the way, but then take 5 minute breaks after swimming one length.

As I held onto the far end of the pool, catching my breath after being elbowed in the face, I looked over and saw Mr. Grey Cap. Because of the regular hours I kept while I swam and the fact that I was swimming in November, December and January when there was steam coming off of the outdoor pool, I became familiar with other folks who were regulars. Although names were rarely exchanged you recognized folks by their faces and suits.

There was Ms. Green Suit, who did a backstroke workout on Friday; Yellow and Black Jammers, who always did a 1200 at blistering pace but never seemed bothered by my slower pace when we shared a lane; and Mr. Gray Cap, who was always there Tuesdays and Fridays swimming a slow steady pace, come rain or shine.

Mr. Gray Cap and I made eye contact and I made some comment about “Where were these folks in December?”

He just sighed and said, “Just ignore them. They’re just living from wall to wall…..”

The comment stuck with me. Sometimes I feel like I’m just living wall to wall, especially in my spiritual life, with no goal in sight but the short term. Short blasts of energy to get me there that ultimately leave me exhausted and might have taken someone else out in the process. Worst of all, there’s not much room for God and no real sense of something bigger than myself. I pray when I need something, but that’s about it.

Living Wall to Wall is a terrible, inefficient way to swim and its a worse way to live. Steady, disciplined and sometimes even boringly slow swimming leads to great workouts and that satisfied peaceful sort of tired instead of exhaustion.  I keep reminding myself of the God who wants to spend time with me all the time, not just when its exciting or beautiful out. The God who is just as excited to spend time with me on raining Thursdays in November in my life along with the sunny spring afternoons.

Prayer and Life are about more than just the next goal, next job, next milestone, next wall. They are also about the big vision and the little moments, and every slow, steady lap in between.


13 03 2010

Susan is right.  It has been a blessed and holy busy time for us in New Orleans! We are just getting into the swing of Spring Break and all the Alternative Spring Break-ers it brings from all the corners of the nation.

I got to thinking that an alternative Spring Break in New Orleans is deceiving.  First, what’s so alternative about working hard and having fun with all your friends and others your age? Second, the weather (with some exception) is fantastic!  You can sit out on your porch or deck and bask in the sun obtain all your needed  Vitamin D. Last, New Orleans is a real touristy town with sites to see, entertainment to be a part of, and “locals” to experience.

Yes.  These Alternative Spring Break trips run the risk of not being alternative at all… that is, when we forget why we have come.

Most of the high school and college students who come are here because someone else they knew had a good experience and felt useful to someone other than themselves. Group after group, people come to be changed.  New Orleans does that.  Working alongside others does that.  Sharing a meal with others does that.

This race could also be deceiving… set in the beautiful contours of New Orleans in the early spring, this 70.3 IronMan is the fastest course and serves as an IronMan qualifier.  Yet, swimmers still must successfully swim 1.2 miles in Lake Pontchartrain in the company of hundreds around them.  Bicyclists must bike 56 miles in and around New Orleans East with limited people and natural beauty to keep them distracted and/or encouraged.  Runners must still run 13.1 miles as the fanciful City Park and Esplanade Ridge offer an enchanting backdrop to their pace.

Yet, all these athletes have their reasons for participating.  Some are racing because they have volunteered many times over the past 54 months to assist in the rebuilding.  Some are racing because this is home and they wanted a personal challenge.  And some are racing because someone simply asked if they would.

However we got to rebuilding this city or participating in this race, neither experience is a joke or something to be taken lightly.

I am continually impressed by the commitment people make to others during this incredibly trying time in the Nation’s history.  We are in the middle of a huge waiting game.  Waiting to rebuild.  Waiting for funds.  Waiting to get this race over with.  Waiting to pass my comprehensive exams or to graduate. Waiting for my hurting body to feel better.  Waiting for my family to come together again.  Waiting…

Some are even waiting for God, too.  Or perhaps… we must wait with God.

Allow God to be present with you as you train, as you re-build, as you endure.  Be with God in that space, and together, wait in hope for the coming of the kin-dom.  And may God’s presence bring much anticipated peace… the peace that is beyond all understanding, as we all continue to challenge ourselves to do our part diligently, respectfully, and harmoniously.

Jocelyn A. Sideco, Spiritual Coach and Executive Director of Contemplatives in Action